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U.S. startups aim to help seniors ‘age in place’ | Reuters


Interesting article, but only mentions in passing that many older adults have difficulty using this technology, and some absolutely won’t be able to due to dementia. I doubt that this technology will make a big dent in the growing need for in home caregivers to provide essential services like bathing, cooking, cleaning, transportation and companionship. It could possibly delay that need for some people by providing a safety net while seniors are still able enough to take advantage of the technology. Each year brings more and more tech options to keep seniors remain safe in their homes and time will tell which ones will make the greatest impact on remaining independent.

Shari Cayle, 75, called “Miracle Mama” by her family ever since she beat back advanced colon cancer seven years ago, is still undergoing treatment and living alone.

Source: U.S. startups aim to help seniors ‘age in place’ | Reuters

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  1. I think that it is a start. However, what I would really love to see is some tech devices to help long distance family monitor elder family and caregivers together. I know that there are a variety of security cameras, but who really has the time to watch hours of video? Maybe something that counts numbers of movements in certain zones, giving times and duration statistics? Or reports when someone is just static on the couch for hours when they should be on the move in different areas…

    • Hi, thanks for your question. There are numerous technologies available to help elders age in place. Emergency response systems have been around for quite some time and you may already be familiar with those. A person hits a button on a pendant or a watch to notify first responders. There are clocks that can be set with reminders in the voice of a family member; medication boxes that are locked and set to open at a certain time; ipad like devices where elders can interact with caregivers; home sensors to detect falls, etc.

      If you let me know specifics I can guide you to the technology that might best suit your purposes.


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