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There is No Place Like Home


Guest Post By Kimberly Dansie of Community Nursing Services of Salt Lake City, Utah

There is No Place Like Home: this was the fervent wish of Dorothy in the classic film, “Wizard of Oz,” and also the feeling mirrored by most of us.  We adore being in the unique environment we have created for ourselves, full of our cherished memories.  As we age, healthcare needs can make staying at home challenging.  While there may be a need at times for healthcare facility placement,  such as a nursing home or rehabilitation setting, services are available that can help people stay at home, even with complex clinical needs. Aging sometimes brings increased debility and decline, but with support at home many of these challenges can be managed successfully.

Private Duty services can be specifically tailored to each individual.   Sometimes a few hours of simple support doing household chores or shopping can be enough help to keep an older adult safe at home.  If more care is needed, Home Health services, covered by insurance can provide caring staff to help with bathing, medications and even complex nursing treatments and oxygen supplies which are offered in the comfort of home.  Nursing visits, physical and occupational therapy are all available for an elder who qualifies under their insurance for Home Health. Fall alert and telehealth equipment are also effective for additional safety oversight.

Under healthcare reform, government payers are challenging healthcare providers to deliver better outcomes with less expense.  This is likely to create a shift to less costly services at home instead of higher cost skilled nursing and hospitalization.  This will provide additional opportunities for patients to heal at home instead of hospital, when it is appropriate.  Home Health, although time limited, can mean the difference between needing a higher and more expensive level of care, and staying home to receive that same medical and caregiver support.

Community Nursing Services (CNS) is a non- profit Home Health agency that offers a full continuum of services that help older adults succeed at home.  Our services include home health, hospice, oxygen and durable medical equipment, pharmacy and telehealth.  Our mission is to create healing experiences for our patients and their families wherever they call home. We give back to the Community every day providing care to uninsured and under insured people.

Kimberly Dansie, MBA, HFA                                                                                                                                    Vice President of Business Development                                                                                                       Community Nursing Services                                                                                                                              Home Health and Hospice                                                                                                                                   Experts in home care since 1928


Mission Statement

We create moments and experiences that heal individuals and families, by providing compassionate care, and by putting health, dignity, comfort and well-being first. We are a non-profit organization and it is our privilege to serve you and the communities in which we live.



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