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The Keys to Planning


When it comes to aging, human nature seems to dictate that we don’t necessarily like planning. It is far more preferable to go along with the status quo and hope that nothing bad will happen! That’s why families, more often than not, call me during a crisis because they have not planned for the unexpected.

Why not wait until a decision needs to be made? Because good, well thought out decisions aren’t usually made during times of stress. It is amazing what can come up when there is a fall, or other medical crisis. What are mom’s medications, does she have advance directives, what is her insurance, who are her medical providers, who has been paying bills?

Good Advocacy Comes From Good Planning

It is very challenging and time consuming to advocate for someone without a complete and thorough understanding of their medical history and wishes. As a family member, walking into the jungle of healthcare providers can be daunting and overwhelming. You can almost guarantee that care will be better and more efficient if you have complete information on hand. Be informed whether you are the primary caregiver or not.

Here is one of the best articles I have read on the subject of what you should do before a crisis strikes. Although the article focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, it is an excellent guide for any aging individual.

Take the time now to accumulate and organize healthcare information. You will be happy you did, and so will your elder.

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