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Home Care Costs are Rising: What Does It Mean?


We have written and shared articles throughout this last year about the Federal mandatory overtime pay for hired caregivers. Now, a new movement is rattling the home care industry again: minimum wage increases. Both New York and California have approved minimum wage increases to $15 an hour and workers from the home care industry plan on taking their fight for $15 an hour to Washington D.C. Many other states are sure to follow possible raising home care costs. The minimum wage increase also affects assisted living, Medicaid programs, and non profits that provide subsidized care to seniors.

So, what does this mean for the consumer? Well, it may mean increased costs to the customer, but well compensated care providers are likely be more dedicated and stay with a company longer. This article talks about how it behooves agencies to begin to incorporate increased employee costs now before it becomes necessity. Hopefully, by doing so, agencies can keep from passing on too much of the cost to families who already struggle with how to pay for private duty help in the home.




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