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Announcing our Book, Aging with Care: Your Guide to Hiring and Managing Caregivers at Home


We are very pleased to announce our book, Aging with Care: Your Guide to Hiring and Managing Caregivers at Home. Most older adults state they want to age at home with care providers. Our book covers all the bases from how to choose a company to when it might be time to consider assisted living. Tips on advance directives, fraud, communication and much, much more.

Booklist says: “Most seniors want to age in their homes. But what if simple, daily tasks are becoming too difficult? What if family members aren’t able to give round-the-clock care? Where does the family turn? Lambert and Eckford, both experienced in geriatric care, do a thorough exploration of the challenges of providing home care. Although Lambert advocates working through an accredited agency, and Eckford leans toward private caregivers, they agree on the importance of careful selection, monitoring, and communicating with workers. It’s also important to both that the patient has a say in his or her care, that caregiver and patient mesh, and that the family is kept up to date on the elder’s progress. The authors provide checklists for deciding on the level of care, picking a caregiver, and monitoring day-to-day operations. They discuss security issues, potential abuse, and boundary setting. And they offer creative solutions when at-home care isn’t working. Interviews with agencies, caregivers, and patients round out the coverage. Packed with practical information, online tools, and common-sense suggestions, this book will be reassuring for readers facing these important challenges.”

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