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Adult Foster Homes


Housing as we age is a hot topic. The choices can be overwhelming and expensive. You may be thinking about assistance for an aging parent or spouse. Or perhaps, you are considering where you might live as you get older. Investigate all of the options in your community before making a decision and consider adult foster homes as a possibility.

Foster Homes May Be An Answer

As this article points out, many people aren’t necessarily ill. They simply need help with basic personal care tasks, like bathing or cooking. Congregate housing such as adult foster homes can be an affordable option with a family atmosphere. Adult foster homes are often in someone’s home with just a few bedrooms and a shared kitchen. Many assisted living communities are large and institutional, thereby creating a feeling of coldness.

Can You Stay in an Adult Foster Home Forever?

As people become frailer or have a fall it may be necessary to consider a move to assisted living. Adult foster homes won’t be able to provide nursing oversight. Home health and privately paid caregivers can augment care in foster homes, but there may come a time when additional help is needed.

Creative housing ideas are gaining steam. Take a look and investigate all of the exciting possibilities! Another innovative approach is HomeShare. This project pairs students in Toronto with elders who are alone and need someone to live with. Students have a place to live and provide rent, security, and companionship to the senior. What a great idea!

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