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Sounding Board: Tell us about Your Experience Hiring Caregivers


Have you hired a caregiver through a care agency? What was it like?

We’d love to hear about it!

By Leslie Eckford

Amanda Lambert and I are very excited to be writing a book about hiring caregivers for elder family members. It will be jam-packed with useful information about finding the right caregiver, how to work with your elder as a team, how to communicate effectively to get the best care and avoid common pitfalls, plus much, much more.

We are interviewing care agencies, private caregivers who work independently and those who work for agencies, and families who have had the experience of hiring for home care. We are looking for stories about people who have hired through an agency or privately and we would like to ask some questions about that experience. If you would like to share your story (anonymously, so that you can protect your family’s privacy), please feel free to tell us your story in the comment section below. Or go to our contact page and connect with us.  We will send you a few questions. You can choose to answer any or all of  the questions with the goal to increase our knowledge of the elder and the family’s experience in this area and to share with our readers.

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