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Best Senior Cohousing Video-Thank you UK!


I love watching cohousing videos. So many of us in elder care are seeking more and better options for community living for seniors that create quality of life without a corporate “bottom line.” As a social worker and RN, I believe that the epidemic of social isolation is a factor in poor health outcomes. It makes abundant sense to me to reduce isolation, build relationships and community in our choice of home. While I tend to favor the multi-generation cohousing models for benefits of both the young and the old (see our facebook post here for a good video by PBS) , I must share my new favorite here.

This video follows a viral internet story about some older women in London who made cohousing a reality. They worked with their local government housing authority, with architects to design it and did the hard work of organizing and consensus themselves. Better still, it addresses the cost of cohousing. This group of dedicated seniors made affordability a priority. The end result is amazing.


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