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Senior Care as a Career Path: Connecting to Younger Students


career in senior careI’m sharing this this link to an article by Steve Moran in Senior Housing Forum. Whether you are concerned about the workforce in home care or senior housing, we have a lot of work to do to attract people who are dedicated and excited to work with older adults. Steve describes an excellent grant program in Pennsylvania that is aimed at attracting middle school and high school students to participate and learn about career options in senior care.

Some of the strengths that I see with this approach are:

  • There is flexibility for the student to spend a half day a week to a full week participating in the program.
  • The students are shown all of the roles in an senior living residence: nursing staff, CNA’s, dietary, recreation, maintenance, and the specialty of dementia care. they can gain a better understanding of how all these professions work together and consider themselves in those roles.
  • All students have a mentor while in the program. This is essential for a young person to be able to speak about things that they may be seeing for the first time and get better information or feedback.

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