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“Life in Reverse:” A Dementia and Caregiving Story


Recently, I had a serendipitous meeting with Florence Feldman. She saw me with my elderly mother and started up a conversation with me. She recognized my mother’s subtle signs of dementia and began to tell me about her experience caring for her own mother for 6 years. 
Though we had never met before, we were like kindred spirits. We soon engaged in a lively discussion of caregiving, including ways to deal with confusion and anger, and how wonderful stuffed animals can be to sooth and calm.

Flo told me that she and a friend had made a film about her mother, Selma, which we are sharing with you below. (It won two LifeFest Film Festival awards in 2013!) If you have a loved one with dementia, you will be nodding your head in recognition as you watch. If living with someone with dementia is new to you, this is a valuable film. It is not easy to share these brief but intimate views of the changes that overcome someone that you love. In the wrong hands, this type of film could produce an uncomfortable feeling and a need to protect the privacy of the affected person. Not this film. In “Life in Reverse”, the kindness and love that Flo and her family have for Selma is completely evident throughout this short and respectful film.

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